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Born in Edinburgh, Scotland, Louise has been passionate about people, animals, and the environment since childhood.


Since moving to the United States, she has supported numerous humanitarian, animal welfare, and conservation efforts through her community activism and fundraising.


In 2019, she founded The Louise Linton Charitable Fund which formalized her commitment to provide financial support to the life-saving work of numerous 501(c)3 organizations which protect the wellbeing of people, animals, and the environment around the world. 


In the last year, she has been able to write grants to support White Coat Waste, PETA, Space for Giants, the Pride Foundation, the Center for Disaster Philanthropy, Wild Aid, The Transgender Law Center, the Nature Conservancy, The Environmental Defense Fund, Ocean Conservancy, Social Compassion in Legislation, Immigrant Families Together Foundation, and the Central Union Mission homeless shelter in DC, among others. 



In California, Louise co-funds the operations of rescue organizations such as Mutt Match LA which rehabilitates and rehomes shelter dogs. In partnership with Viva Equine Rescue Louise supports their work rescuing abused horses and wild horses seized by the Bureau of Land Management to be sold into the horse meat trade. 


Since moving to Washington DC, the scope of her advocacy has expanded to policy and legislation. 


Her work with White Coat Waste Project is targeted at radically reducing tax-payer funding of archaic and inhumane government animal testing. 


With Social Compassion in Legislation Louise’s focus is on the enforcement of the Animal Welfare Act, as it pertains to puppy mills and exotic animals in roadside zoos. 


With Animal Wellness Action, Louise works to modernize the FDA approval process as it pertains to the participation of domestic animals in the evaluation of pharmaceutical development.


A longtime friend to PETA,  and a member of their Vanguard Circle, Louise liaises with their Deputy General Counsel for Captive Animal Law Enforcement to secure the freedom of various large or exotic animals experiencing prolonged suffering in roadside zoos. 


In her capacity as an independent animal advocate, in coalition with these welfare groups, Louise has been a leader in meaningful dialogues with the Department of Justice, the US Department of Agriculture, the US Department of the Interior’s Fish and Wildlife Division, and the Department of Health and Human Services.


She sits on Born Free's Honorary Advisory Council and has raised funds for their Primate Sanctuary in Texas to help buy medical and veterinary supplies, food, enclosure improvements and toys for their 500 primates, many of whom were rescued from laboratories and roadside zoos. 


Louise is also an active member of the Giants Club donors circle which supports the crucial, life-saving work of Space for Giants, an anti-poaching organization in Africa which aims to protect elephants, giraffes, and other endangered species. 

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